Spring Cleaning
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Spring Cleaning 

Looking for professional cleaning services in Harborne, Birmingham? K-Cleaning offers professional spring-cleaning services for houses and offices in Selly Oak, Edgbaston.

Harborne Spring Cleaning 

Looking for top-notch spring-cleaning services in Harborne, Edgbaston and Selly Oak Birmingham? 

Spring-clean is a time for house cleaning and renewal.

The time of year when we clean off the dust from the last few months.

Spring-cleaning chores are a good time to tackle around the house.

Our expert cleaner team specializes in spring-cleaning for your house in Harborne, Edgbaston and Selly Oak, ensuring every nook and cranny is left sparkling clean.

Additionally, we offer professional carpet cleaning services to keep your floors looking fresh and pristine. 

The process of spring-cleaning is different from the standard clean. If you are not sure, please invite us for a site visit.

We will be happy to visit your property to tailor your cleaning needs and achieve the best service suited for you.

Spring Cleaning Included

Some spring-cleaning chores are specific to one room, but others apply to all rooms in the house. 

What does a spring-cleaning include?

  • Wipe down the baseboards with a damp cloth.
  • Clean the smudges from the wall (Where this possible).
  • Clean the doors and handles.
  • Clean curtains and blinds with wet microfibre cloth.  
  • Remove the dust from the blinds.
  • Wash the windows and windowsills
  • Clean the light fixtures thoroughly.
  • Dust off the blades of ceiling fans.
  • Wipe down air vents
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Deep clean the refrigerator
  • Clean small appliances, such as the microwave, air fryer and coffee maker
  • Hoovering deep clean the carpet or hard floors
  • Clean underneath the furniture, if is possible. 
  • Deep clean toilet.  

House Spring Cleaning Afordable Price 

How much it costs spring-cleaning session to hire a professional to clean your house thoroughly.

With spring-clean service in Harborne Birmingham, Edgbaston and Selly Oak, getting a whole house scrubbed costs a lot, depending on where you live, how big the household is, and how long it takes.

Additional cleaning services that can be added to a spring-cleaning session that are optional:

We can give a quote per job all, or you can book hourly.

In price are included all cleaning products and equipment.

Spring-cleaning service near Harborne Birmingham, Selly Oak not all area, Edgbaston not all area.

Spring-cleaning service costs start from £26/h/p/c


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